So Blessed!

Alisha Chwala & Emily Ley made me feel so blessed. These two lovely ladies through an amazing baby shower. The shower was perfect in every way. First, the invitations that Emily created through her own company (Emily Ley Paper) made me tear up they were so lovely. I loved the color scheme of pink and green and the monogram she created for Lily was so deliciously sweet and used throughout the shower! The invitation was a great preview of the decor Alisha and Emily thought of. I am a lover of flowers and have fresh flowers somewhere in my house at all times- and the flowers at the shower were perfect! There was a frame that all attendees got to sign sweet messages and I now have on Lily's bookshelf.

Outside these creative ladies came up with a "bow making" table. I thought this was the cutest idea ever! There were tons of headbands, clips, flowers and ribbons where everyone was able to create some adorable hair pieces for my little Lily! Also outside around Alisha's gorgeous pool was a fine set up of yummy food & drinks and beautiful table layouts. The tables had sweet pink silk tablecloths and custom made green overlays to match the invitation. On each plate was a take home gift - stationary from Emily Ley Paper! Above the food was a cute collage of baby pics of Mike and me! Food was perfect- a brunch inspired menu with fresh fruit, pastries, baked brie, egg casseroles, mini sticky buns, fruit and yogurt parfaits, and Emily made a sock-it-to-me cake! So funny, she told me to go try this cake that her mom gave her and she had no idea that I grew up eating that cake!    
As dessert, Alisha made mouth watering red velvet cupcakes and had them displayed on a cute tower where on top there were pink cake pops!!!!  I am incredibly grateful for all the ladies that made this day so wonderful and making me feel so blessed. Lily was given some amazing gifts and I have so many creative friends that made some amazing things for her. I am going to have a blast having a fashion show with her- so look out for those pics when she arrives! What also made the shower/weekend so special was that Mike's mom, Joyce, was able to fly down and share in this special moment!

Emily and I have only known each other for little less than 3 years. we were able to meet through mutual friends, and pretty much hit it off right from the start. Her husband, Bryan, and Mike are good buddies too and for the past two summers we have our True Blood Sundays. We all have a love for HBO's vampire show, True Blood, and every Sunday we meet and have wine and dinner before the show starts.  It is during these family like Sundays & our Wednesday lunches where we truly bonded and learned so much about each other. It is amazing to sit and think about the conversations we had about our desires to start a family and look where we are now....Emily and Bryan are blessed to have sweet Brady who is now 12 weeks and I only have 3+ weeks until Miss Lily is born. And let it be said, Emily and I have had so much fun planning the arrangement of marriage between our kids! I love you Emily Sue- thank you so much for co-hosting the shower and the love & support for Lily and I!(**also a BIG thank yo to Emily's mom, Mrs. Stephanie Cowan, for giving Lily her first piece of jewelry!!! It is so adorable and I can't wait to put it on her!!)

The only place to start with Alisha is junior high- yep I have known this girl for a looooong time. We went to high school together and even college! If it wasn't for Alisha living in Tampa I could still be in Nashville! I came down to visit her and and 3 weeks later I was driving with my car packed as I made my move to the sunshine state. I was one of Alisha's maid of honors and she was one of my matron of honors. It has been amazing to have her by my side as we have gone through life's moments. I have a lifetime of amazing memories with her that we love to reminisce about often over a good margarita or glass of vino! Alisha has been that friend that has a zest for life and if I am ever in a damper mood she knows exactly how to cheer a sister up! We have pedi's together on the regular where we have our girly time and we either have light conversations about celeb gossip or deep discussions about life's ups and downs. I am fortunate to have her friendship and we will remain friends even until we are some hot old floridian ladies with grey hair and raisin-like skin from our years of drinking margs out on the boat! Thank you Alisha for your hard work in making the baby shower truly magical. I love you sista mary francis xoxoxo.


Emily Ley said...

You are so sweet!!! Im so glad you loved it... and so glad to experience this with you! xoxoxo

Shauna said...

Wish I lived closer so I could have been there to celebrate with you! Love you, Famous Amous! Can't wait for Lily to get here...